Baseball Cake

"Hunter will always remember this baseball
cake his Mom made for his 4th birthday!"


Baseball Cake

I made this for my son's 4th birthday! I used single layer round cakes for the first two layers. The baseball was made from the Betty Crocker ice cream pan cake. I did not put ice cream in it, but it comes with a great dome. 

I first put icing on the first two layers and was able to quickly add the grass around the edges, this was easy because grass is all over the place so I didn't have to be real careful. 

For the baseball I used fondant to cover it and make it look smoother. I added the red laces last. 

A few days before the party I made the fondant letters and the bat. He loved his cake! 

If you are not familiar with fondant I would recommend buying the premade fondant from Wilton. It doesn't taste all that great, but we did not eat the baseball so the flavor was not an issue.

This helpful information and the picture were sent in by a reader named Laura, H., from Arlington, Tennessee.

Great job and many thanks, Laura! 


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