Barbie Cake

by Lisa S.
(Osgood, Indiana, USA)

Barbie Cake

Barbie Cake

I made this cake for my daughter's 6th birthday. My daughter was a big Barbie fan at the time, so I made a Barbie cake!

I used Wilton's cake mold - it comes with a 1/2 Barbie type doll to put in it. I didn't like this one, so I used a real Barbie, wrapping up her lower body in plastic wrap.

The cake was a Devil's Food Cake from a box - nothing too difficult there! The skirt is the cake covered with Wilton's fondant that I tinted. It turned out that none of us liked the taste of this pre-made fondant, so now I make my own.

The bodice and other skirt embellishments are simple royal icing as well as Barbie's flower crown. I made a banner at the bottom using a strip of fondant and wrote on it with food dye markers. Turned out really nice and my daughter just loved it - even if the fondant didn't taste all that great!

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