Barbie Cake For My Princess

by Lisa Leyva
(Princeton, Missouri)

Barbie Cake

Barbie Cake

Barbie Cake
Preparing Barbie Cake
Barbie Cake Partially Made
Finished Barbie Cake

This cake was made for my 3 year old's Birthday the year 2011. My kids' step mom and I were looking for a cheap way to make an exciting cake for my toddler. After watching cake wars on television we were inspired to try some tips for ourselves. The first picture is of the completed cake at the set table with my daughter very happy about her cake.

The first thing I did was searched on line regarding how to make homemade fondant icing. All it took was two small bags of small marshmallows (white), 3/4 bag of white powder sugar and a teaspoon of water. I combined in a microwave safe bowl coated with non stick spray the marshmallows and the water. I heated and checked ever 30 second increments for melted marshmallows with an icing spreader. Once gooey I completely stirred into a very pasty texture. Now you are ready to get dirty, and I mean very dirty.

Sprinkle a large amount of powder sugar on the surface to be used to turn the sticky marshmallows into a dough texture. You will keep adding the sugar until the texture is no longer sticky and thick enough to be rolled out. At first the texture will be very difficult to get started, but the more elbow you put into it will eventually start getting easier. You don't want it too thick nor too thin. Measure the cakes' height x's 2 and the width x's 1.This should be the size of your rolled out fondant. Since my cake was pretty small in size I used the rolling pin to transfer the fondant onto the cake.

Knowing that this was our first run with fondant icing we decided to go with 2 angel food cakes since they would not break as easy as cake and it was perfect for a dress formation. We stacked one on top of the other with the wider end on the bottom. We microwaved white icing and spread it in between the layers and coated the cake really thin so that the fondant would stick to the cakes. Now we get started with the formation. We laid the fondant over the cakes and smoothed down all the way around until we got what we wanted. Make sure not to pull down as this may crack and break the fondant. Always pat and slide your hand upwards. We then noticed the fondant was a little too much on the bottom, this gave us the idea to give the skirt a ruffle. We used the end of a plastic spoon to make the ruffles by pinching.

With all the fondant we had leftover we were able to make a top for the doll. The barbie was the right height for the two cakes. We pushed the doll straight down the middle after the top was on. We then added the sprinkles that came with the icing. We also used food coloring to dye the icing for the ruffles. We also formed a big bow and attached it to the back of the dolls' dress and also coated it with colored icing. The bow was a challenge and I wasn't too pleased with it. Can't really complain as it was a first time project.

We then used the star tip to make the pink flowers around the top of the dress. Then we poured a few drops of green food coloring onto a piece of fondant. We used a toothpick, dipped it in the dye and did lines for the leaves below the flowers. Again using the toothpick, the dye was spread downwards to give it the leaf effect. The flowers were then added a little yellow dot to the center of them to add to the flower effect.

We then added the number three and noticed that the fondant was too thick to just push through. We used a knife to cut the slit wide enough to set it in. We positioned the barbies' arms to appear as if she is presenting the cake to the birthday girl.

We then added edible candy letters with the message Happy Birthday. There was plenty to decorate all around the cake. We then wanted to use up all the sprinkles so that we didn't have many zip lock bags with leftovers in it, so we sprinkled the ruffles. Again, Icing didn't spread too well on fondant for us on the bow behind the dress.

My daughter loved it so much and so did we. We were so proud of our accomplishments.

We are presently looking for ideas as to what we will make for my sons' 11th Birthday. That is how I came across this site. I found it very interesting and full of ideas, I am just not sure what I want to use yet as I have no idea as to what he wants. He changes his likes very often it is hard to keep up with him.

Extra tips:

1. All of her decorations were bought at Dollar General. It only cost me $12.00. Plates, cups, napkins, plastic utensils, table cover, balloons, streamers, paper streamers and the Birthday crown.

2. I have learned and put to some use on a tight budget- helium free balloons. Prior to blowing them up I inserted a penny into each one. I then stretched the balloon over the penny on the nipple end. While holding the penny pinched with one hand, I used the other to wrap the streamer 4x's around the penny and tied it in a knot. Be careful as you blow the balloon to make sure you don't over blow. If you do, the balloon may pop or the penny might just pop off and you have to redo the steps. Tie your balloon up and attach a streamer to it and curl it up. The next step is to use the color thread that will blend in with the wall colors and tie it around the penny. You might want to use different lengths or all the same. It's up to you. Once you have the thread on the balloon now you are ready to tape it to the ceiling with clear tape.

3. I was playing with the paper streamers and looking for a different look. I have gone to so many birthday parties and found that people only twist these around each other. I wanted something different. Instead of twisting I just crossed each other as if I was going to make a braid. Never twisting, just overlapping upwards with both hands forms a pyramid looking shape. This took a while but looked pretty. Since I didn't want to cut pieces or have to attach pieces together, I taped both white and pink on a door frame and worked from there. Once I had the desired length, I snipped and taped into place. If at some point it may look as it is messed up while transferring, you will notice that if you push in from the bottom, you will get the formation back on track.

Good Luck to those who use my tips and Happy Birthday to your loved ones.

Editor's Note: Fabulous work, Lisa! Our readers will love this and we thank you for taking so much time and effort to describe how you made this lovely cake.

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