Banana Split Cake


The Banana Split Cake actually can describe two very different desserts. 

One is a no-bake concoction of graham cracker crumbs, whipped cream, butter, sugar, eggs and some or all of the usual ice cream banana toppings, and the other uses traditional cake layered with the same toppings. Some “no bake” recipes do bake the crust a bit. 

What is really interesting is that the cake may be older than the ice cream dessert! We know the banana split was invented in 1904, but an older cookbook, Mrs. Rorer's New Cook Book, by Sarah Tyson Rorer was published in 1902 and contains similar cakes in the section titled “Hawaiian Recipes." 

Many of the unbaked recipes call for raw eggs, which can be dangerous to those with weaker immune systems. They also add more cholesterol to a recipe already overloaded with butter, sugar, and whipped cream. 

While banana split cake is never going to be health food, there are ways to cut way down on the bad stuff and still have an utterly delicious dessert. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Cut the butter called for in half for crust and filling in the unbaked recipe. You can also use half butter and half hearty-healthy oil in the crust. 
  • To compensate in the filling, make a package of sugar free vanilla or banana instant pudding with just one cup of low fat or nonfat milk and blend that in. 
  • You can use fat reduced graham crackers as well-this is so rich that every little bit helps! 
  • For the raw eggs, substitute the equivalent in Egg Beaters or another whole egg replacer. This removes fat, cholesterol and the bacterial risk since these products are pasteurized. 
  • Use sugar-free or fat free toppings instead of regular ones. 
  • Use half Splenda and half powdered sugar in the unbaked filling and in the cake recipe for the baked type. 
  • Use sugar and fat reduced whipped topping instead of real whipped cream • Instead of sugared strawberries, use non-caloric sweetener or none at all. 
  • Use slices of angel food cake instead of butter cake layers. 
  • Give up, eat all of that yummy butter and sweet stuff and sign up for the marathon! 

Here is Paula Deen’s banana split cake recipe, which is a mostly uncooked version. Do not let your cardiologist see this recipe! It uses 7 ingredients and the crust is baked 5-8 minutes at 350˚F. Chilling takes at least an hour.

Karen's recipe uses two cake mixes so you will also need the ingredients to make them, one chocolate cake and one banana cake. It needs about 30 minutes at 350˚ for most pans. Included the baked cake layers, it has 8 ingredients and can be served as soon as it is assembled, but allow time to cool and even chill the cakes. 




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