Banana Shaped Cake

by Sam E.
(Fort Myers, Florida)

Banana Shaped Cake

Banana Shaped Cake

Banana Shaped Cake
Banana Shaped Cakes
Enjoying First Birthday Cake

My son's first food food was banana. His first word, was also banana. He absolutely loves bananas. So I decided why not make him a smash cake that looks and tastes like a banana for his first birthday?

So I found a recipe for banana cake and banana frosting. I then found a cookie cutter shaped like a banana.

In making the cake I put the cookie cutters on a baking sheet lined with wax paper and filled them with the banana cake mix. I baked them until they were done and very carefully removed the little banana cakes.

Once they cooled I cut each in half long ways and put a layer of banana pudding with little slices of banana, then put the tops back on. Then I took the banana creme icing (died with food coloring to be yellow) and iced this little bananas. For the finishing touch I used pieces of kitkat bars for the tips at the end of the bananas.

My son was yelling "BANANA!" one bite into it all the way till the end. All in all this was a success, my son loved his first birthday cake.

Editor's Note: Thanks for sending in the pictures and sharing the details about how you made the cake, Sam. Our readers are going to love seeing this!

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