Bambi Cake For 2nd Birthday

by Lorrie
(Belleville, MI USA)

Bambi Cake For 2nd Birthday

Bambi Cake For 2nd Birthday

When my daughter was just learning to speak, her favorite Disney video was Bambi. Naturally, she learned to say Bambi and, eventually everything was bambi, bambi, bambi!

It was only appropriate that I try "my artistic hand" (LOL NOT) at creating a Bambi cake for her 2nd birthday.

It didn't taste too bad (cherry choc chip), but in my opinion, it doesn't resemble Bambi either! To my more than delighted 2 year old, it was the IT cake. :)

She was so excited to have Bambi at her party.

Very fond memories -- they grow up so fast!!! (she is 17 now, but she is still my baby.)

The recipe I used was a cherry cake mix, but instead of adding in nuts, I added chocolate chips.

I only wish it looked more like, well, Bambi! :)

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