Back To The Future Delorean Cake

by Caroline
(Madison, WI)

Back To The Future Delorean Cake

Back To The Future Delorean Cake

The birthday boy loves the movie "Back to the Future," so for his birthday I made a Delorean cake. This cake was for my husband who turned 31 years old.

I used a regular 9x13 cake pan and regular cake mix from a box. I used a straight serrated bread knife to cut off the portions of the cake to make the slope for the hood and the trunk. These pieces I saved to use for the two black things in the back (I'm sure he knows what they are called).

I then carved out a little bit around the bottom of the car so the fondant wouldn't come straight down to the cake board. I placed the cake on the cake board and covered it in a large piece of gray fondant. Just look up any home made fondant recipe online using marshmallows and powdered sugar. Just make sure to work quickly with the fondant as it dries quickly (once it dries it starts to crack if moved).

For the little accessories like the wipers, grill, lights and tires I cut out the shape with a knife, brushed the back with water and placed it on the car. The black things on the back can be cake covered in fondant or just big pieces of fondant. I was lazy so instead of making black fondant (messy!) I just mixed black food coloring with corn syrup and powdered sugar to a thick black consistency and color. I then painted the pieces with a small paint brush to make them black. By using corn syrup it ensures that when the "paint" dries it is shiny.

For the shading on the windows and other areas I mixed water with black food coloring and used a water color brush to add shading. The side mirrors were attached with toothpicks.

Check out Joann's or Michaels for fondant tools and premade fondant. For an extra touch of authenticity I printed out the license plate that says "Outtatime" and attached it to the back.

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