Baby Shower Cake Ideas


Are you looking for some baby shower cake ideas?

These once simple celebrations are so diverse these days. You can throw a "diaper shower" where the only gifts are diapers, a tea party, a traditional shower, and many others. However, one thing is always present, the cake. In fact, the cake could possibly be the honoree's favorite gift there.

There are so many possibilities. Some unique baby shower cake decorations ideas include shaping the cake like a few baby blocks, decorating it like a gift with a bow on it, and shaping it like a baby carriage. Many of these shapes are very complex and may require a few people to contribute in creativity and labor. The outcome is so worth it, though.


Another unique idea is to shape the cake like a moon crescent and have a sleeping baby figurine placed on it or drawn on with icing. This cake could even be spiced up with cupcakes that have cloud-like icing and stars in them around the outside.

There are many other shapes that can be done with cake piecing, too, like a bottle shape, a duck or elephant shape, and even a dress if it's going to be a girl. There are also many that can be done without cake piecing, just decorating. Some unique approaches are decorating the cake with baby items like booties or pacifiers, or even putting the icing on to look like a quilt.

Here's one submitted by Andy, in San Marcos, California.  It is for his son who was about to be born and has a yellow duck on top and the words, "God's Precious Gift."  Well done, Andy! 

Helpful Hint: A great place to look for ideas for your shower is eBay.  You will be able to find anything you can imagine and have it delivered to your front door without ever leaving your computer.  You will save time and gas money by shopping online!  

No matter what the cake looks like, though, just remember that it's what is on the inside that counts.



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