Baby Shower Cake For Boy Or Girl

"This baby shower cake for
boy or girl is cute as can be!"


Baby Shower Cake For Boy Or Girl

I have seen several versions of this cake on the Internet. I combined a few of my favorites to create this baby shower cake. 

I used two round pans for the head and body. 

Everyone asked "how did you get the buttercream so smooth?" Well, I covered each with peach buttercream. I let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then I took a no pattern paper towel, laid it on top, and smoothed it with my hand. This gave the look of fondant, but the much better flavor of buttercream! 

For the diaper, eyes, ears, arms, and feet, I used fondant. This was one of my first experiments with fondant. 

This is definitely a good cake for a beginner to try fondant with. The pieces are large with very little detail, just shapes! 

I found my marshmallow recipe for the fondant on the Internet! 

The cake was super cute! Still one of my favorites!

This is another fine cake sent in by Laura H., from Arlington, TN.

Thanks again, Laura. Our readers love your cakes! 


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