Army Biscuit

by Chris
(Waltham, MA)

I love cakes. Always had. The fruit cakes are my favorite. When I was at boarding school, as I was quite a quiet student, we were placed in a very lightly monitored dormitory. Once every week, we used to turn on the lights after hours, unnoticed, and unpack everything we had cooked or bought during the week-end. From salted treats to fruitcakes, with drinks, of course.

The worst night? Well, don't worry, it's not a random control and that we would have been caught fruitcake-handed, but it was the time where I forgot to put baking soda in my fruitcake. Even the extra maraschino cherries couldn't mask the army biscuit feeling. No alcohol to drench it either... It had to wait the morning chocolate milk sinking!

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