Apple Cake Recipes


Some of the most searched for Apple Cake Recipes:

This delicious, old-fashioned recipe uses a yellow cake mix and apple pie filling for convenience. It is mixed together in a jiffy and then topped with a simple streusel topping and crunchy walnuts. Kids and adults alike will love this easy to make cake.

This informal apple coffee cake is easy to make and has lots of spicy, fruity flavor. Apple pie filling means it can be whipped up in a few minutes, but you can also use fresh apples if you like. The filling is spooned over layers of cake batter, resulting in bursts of delicious fruit flavor. 

This unusual apple pound cake is baked in a bundt form and has a sticky caramel glaze. A perfect fruity dessert or accompaniment to a Thanksgiving dinner, it is rich with fresh eggs, butter, apples, and brown sugar. The glaze can be prepared later in the day and is drizzled over the top of the cake.

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