Adam's Dinosaur First Birthday Cake

by Elisa p
(San jose, Ca, USA)

Dinosaur First Birthday Cake

Dinosaur First Birthday Cake

I decided I wanted to make my son's first birthday cake. It seemed more personal that way. My son was really into dinosaurs at the time so I went out looking for cute little dinosaur cake decorations. I went to a few party stores and didn't really find what I was looking for so then I decided to go down the toy aisle and found the perfect decorations for my cake.

First I needed to make a cake big enough to feed about 50 people. Nixt I decided I wanted white cake with a stawberry filing. I made my own whipped icing from a recipe I found online. I gathered cinnamon powder, muticolored jelly beans, sugar and dye and all my decorations and just had fun. The cake came out wonderfully and everyone loved the decorations. It was a great party and yummy cake!

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