Acrylic Wedding Cake Stands

"Are acrylic wedding cake stands 
the right choice for most brides?"


Making wedding cakes can be fun and can also be challenging. Having the right equipment makes it much simpler and that often includes using cake stands. 

Any time you want to elevate a cake or layers of a cake you need risers of some sort and these days can find specially designed ones that make the process much simpler. 

Using acrylic wedding cake stands simplifies the whole process. These normally come as sets of plates and columns of varying sizes and heights and allow for spectacular arrangements instead of the old familiar stacked tiers. They often interlock for greater stability. These are very attractive used in the popular cascade style of wedding cakes, a style that allows for essentially all top layers for more decorating options. They can also be used in the flower garden style and can even display flowers inside the transparent columns. 

While these items can be costly, there are options. Each column and plate can easily cost from $25 to more than $50 each, but you can often find these on eBay at a fraction of the price. Instead of investing $300 or even more in the equipment, you can often buy it from an auction for less than $100 dollars, or at least a great reduction. 

Some party supply stores will also rent them. This is a good option for a one time or very rare need for the stands. If you buy one, you can always sell it on eBay after the wedding. 

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