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Here are some of the reasons why I love Solo Build It!:

It has allowed me to create a website about cakes that is among the top 1 percent (in number of visitors) of all websites in the world.  

During the average month, the site gets over 100,000 page views, or more than 1 million a year.

If I can create a successful website about cakes, even though I have never baked a single cake in my life, then you can create a website about a subject you are passionate about and get hundreds or thousands of visitors a day and earn good part-time or full-time income while staying at home with your family.       

  • Solo Build It! makes online business success like this do-able. With its all-in-one process, tools, and guidance, you can do it.
  • Solo Build It! removes the technical barriers, which allows you to focus on building your online business. 
  • You don't need to know anything about the process of building a website in order to succeed. 
  • The tedious stuff is handled by Solo Build It! automatically so you can simply focus on writing pages about a subject you know and are passionate about.

An Ideal Solution For Work At Home Moms  

Solo Build It! has a great and active group of work-at-home-moms (WAHM) who share the ideas and money-making strategies they use while working at home. 

An Action Guide That You Can Check Out Right Now

From the very beginning, you will find the Action Guide extremely helpful. Learn by reading (written guide) or watching (video guide)! You are carefully guided every step of the way, which makes success that much more achievable. 

Helpful Forums

My favorite part of Solo Build It! is the private forums, which provide friendly, helpful support, as well as tips and strategies, from other Solo Build It! users. 

They will help you with anything (and I do mean anything) that you could possibly want, as you build your website into an income replacing business.  

In the forums you will meet Debs, who has given lots of her time and has made over 20,000 helpful posts in the forums.

You'll also meet Brenda, who has a cool site about ghosts!  She is awesome when it comes to creating easy-to-implement strategies for turning her Web traffic into dollars.  

Then there's Louann.  She is one of the most generous and creative people you will ever meet.  She is an absolute wizard at teaching people how to write pages for their websites that are focused on easy-to-win keyword phrases that have very little competition and that bring in a steady stream of visitors to their websites.  

Her own site is about weddings and several of her keyword tips have been used to bring in hundreds of highly targeted visitors to my cake site every day.

Paul, who calls himself the Mad Webmaster, is a genius when it comes to Internet marketing.  He is so generous that he's given one year of his time to the forums to help people learn how to use articles to market their websites.  

You Can Use The Forums Right Now

You can be my guest at any of the Solo Build It! forums for free.  

Just log in with the username and password cakes-you-can-bake.com at http://forums.sitesell.com/ if you want to read some of Louann's helpful posts, learn some of Brenda's brilliant monetization strategies, or experience Paul's off-the-wall genius, which will really open your eyes if you're a Web marketer.

The Owner Participates In The Forums

Even the owner of Solo Build It! is a participant in the forums.

Solo Build It! was established by Dr. Ken Evoy in 1997. His series of books have helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Make Your Content PREsell! and Make Your Words Sell!, formerly books sold by SiteSell, are now free. They are literally the dynamic duo of "Web-writing."

Ken Evoy provides a rare level of dedication to his customers. He's extremely active in the Solo Build It! forums with over 5000 posts to date. He makes a tremendous personal effort to help people succeed and is highly passionate about helping people build businesses online. Anyone who owns Solo Build It! can benefit from this extraordinary Internet business visionary (and all-around nice guy).

As you can tell, I am very happy that I discovered Solo Build It!  I am planning to use it to build more websites in order to create an ever-growing income stream.  

And you can too!

Just click here if you want to learn more. 

Solo Build It! has a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee. It's a risk-free decision that you can make with confidence and peace of mind.  


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