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Leefe Poche

When I first told people that I was building a website about cakes, I have to say that I got some curious looks!

After all, I had never made a cake in my life and other than being able to warm up food or throw something in the microwave, my skills in the kitchen were quite limited.

So why cakes?

Well, to make a long story short, a guy named Steve contacted me at my day job, where I write a daily investment column on the stock market, and asked me to exchange links with his website that also had the same theme (stock options).  

I had never exchanged links with any other website, but since the technique was free for both of us, I agreed to do it.

It happens that Steve was using a hosting company I had never heard of.  He had a link to it on the bottom of each page on his website, so, out of curiosity, I clicked on one of the links to see what that company was all about.  

Turns out that the company was called Solo Build It!, also known as SBI.  

After digging around on the SBI website a little bit I came across a page of Case Studies from regular people who used the company to build websites.  

These websites were getting lots of traffic from the search engines, so naturally I was curious.

One of the case studies in particular caught my eye.  It was about Elad, who had a network of websites related to cakes, parties, and costumes.

He was getting thousands of visitors every day just from people typing in searches for cake and party related items on Google and the other search engines.

And he was making good money from his websites.

I got to thinking that, although my financial newsletter is successful, the writing that I do today is outdated as soon as the stock market opens tomorrow.

But when Elad puts up a page on his website showing a picture of a cake, that picture will be just as valuable to someone looking for ideas on how to make a cake 10 years from now as it is today.  

So, I went ahead and took the plunge and bought a website from SBI in September 2007.  

It became this website, Cakes-You-Can-Bake.com.

After steadily adding new pages for around 10 months, (I learned how to get other people to write 90 percent of those pages thanks to lots of great ideas from Solo Build It!'s forums), the number of visitors to Cakes You Can Bake grew to over 1,000 a day.  

During October 2008, the website got 1,978 visits a day.  

And the best thing is, I didn't have to pay a penny for any of those visitors.  They all arrived from search engines, other websites, and through bookmarked pages.

The increasing traffic to the website started paying off nicely, and by the summer of 2008 it was earning over $500 a month without me having to send out a newsletter or ask anyone to buy anything.  I learned how to make money from the site (monetize) through the SBI forums.  

As a matter of fact, even though I do not like to write about myself, I created this page because it was suggested in the forums as a way to share my story with others who might be thinking about creating a website of their own.

For the rest of my life, my Solo Build It! website (or more accurately, websites, since there will be more) will bring in steady monthly income even if I don't have the time to work on them much.

This can happen to you, too!

Leefe Poche
Founder -- Cakes You Can Bake

To learn more about this company, click here.   


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