A Very Barbie Party

by Terry B.
(Austin, TX )

When my daughter was on the brink of turning 6 years old she informed me that she would love nothing more than to celebrate with a Barbie Doll party, thankfully forgoing the Bratz trend of the day. While the Barbie decorations were simple enough to come by, the cake (which I felt she be extra special) had no special plans.

My husband felt that I was being too nit-picky in my attention to detail. "Why don't you put a Barbie in a party dress and stick her in a cake?" he said exasperatedly one night over dinner after I'd bounced cake ideas off of him for several minutes. Though the sarcasm was clear in his tone, it got my creative juices flowing into what become my master plan: I made Barbie a dress out of cake.

I prepared the cake by preparing several round-pan cakes. I used several different flavors, but any one flavor would work just as well. My technique was rather primitive--a matter of stacking round cakes and carving the excess into the shape of a bell shaped, southern-belle type skirt. After the carving I very carefully placed the Barbie doll into the center.

The rest was a piece of cake! I simply decorated the skirt to my own fancy. My daughter was absolutely enchanted by the cake, and the party was a hit with the kids thanks in large part (I like to think) to my own cake creativity.

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