A Soldier Salutes A Happy Birthday To You

by Any
(New York, USA)

Soldier Birthday Cake

Soldier Birthday Cake

My son loves anything to do with the military and their brave soldiers. Most of my family has served in one branch of the military and every one of them are his hero as well as ours. My son is still young so the more three dimension and life like I could make it, the better.

I used a nine-inch, round glass cake pan to make the base and a gingerbread man styled silicon cake pan to make the soldier. I iced it and tried to do my best at the camoflauge with the left over frosting mixed green food dye. Our soldier man has a big licorice smile while he holds the U.S.A. flag with pride. He was a great great cake and served his country well.

Editor's Note: That's a fantastic cake, Amy. It will serve as a great guideline for any other folks who are looking for ideas on how to make a cake for a person in the military, or like your son, a person who loves the military.

Thanks for sending it in.

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