A Simple Family Cake

by J.
(Boston, MA)

My cousin got married very last minute to her long time boyfriend who was being deployed to Iraq. We didn't have time to order a traditional cake, and while we could have bought a regular cake from a bakery, my sister and I decided it would be more special if we made her one.

We used her favorite recipe for carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Our grandmother used to make it for all of our birthdays.

We bought those silly Bride and Groom decorations at a local craft store. We just made six nine inch cakes and cut four of them down, two to 6 inch diameter and two to 3 inch diameter and then we piled them on top of eachother with frosting between the layers.

We decorated it with the bride and groom dolls, ribbons, and candied flower decorations that we bought at the grocery store. It wasn't the most beautiful cake, but it tasted really good and being something we all loved as children it was a nice memory for all the cousins.

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