A Scooby Birthday

by Susan Pouncey
(Mesquite, Tx, USA)

My son absolutely loved Scooby and begged for a special cake of Scooby that his mommy made. My little boy was turning 5 years old. I made a regular chocolate cake and let it cool. Then I made some buttercream icing, my mother-in-law used margarine for her icing, but I prefer to actually use butter. I ended up buying some of the premade black for his nose and collar. Other than that, I mixed my own colors for the rest of the cake.

You will want to make your icing thick enough that it will be able to harden to preserve the look of fur. Patience was the key to doing the fur, but my son had a blast helping to bake the cake and testing the icing we made. I used a preformed Scooby Doo cake pan for the shape.

Happy baking.

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