A Present I Am Sure To Recieve

by Altonese
(Boston, MA)

Whenever I think about fruitcakes the only thing that comes to mind is the Christmas holiday. It seems as if every Christmas I receive at least one of those lovely fruitcakes that I usually re-gift and give to an aunt who happens to love them.

The reality of it is that I truly despise fruitcake and have done so consistently since childhood. I've always thought of fruitcake as being the worst possible Christmas gift ever and would really rather receive nothing than a lousy fruitcake each year. Unfortunately, however, every year that I receive one I don't have the guts to tell whoever it is that gave it to me that I am ungrateful and I'm sure this upcoming Christmas will be no different. Instead of voicing my opinion on the matter of my fruitcake present I will simply accept it with a smile and re-gift it for my aunt as I have always done.

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