A Little Mermaid Cake

"A Little Mermaid cake was
Laura's first effort at cake making!"


Little Mermaid Cake

I made this cake for my daughter's 4th birthday. It was my very first cake and took a long time. So, plan for a good day of baking! 

I used the Wilton beginners set for the tips. I just played with the tips and made starfish, seaweed, and various fish. 

It was a three layer round cake with various ocean scenes around it. For the top I baked a single cupcake and put seaweed all around where Ariel was to sit. I bought the Ariel candle for the top. 

I have since discovered that bathbubble lids make great cake decorations! 

Examples Nemo, Barbie, etc. They are a little larger than the character candles, so start stashing them when your kids are finished with the bubbles!

This description and picture were provided by Laura H., from Arlington, TN.

Many thanks, Laura! 


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