A Horse Cake

"Josie made a horse cake for her girls' birthdays!"  


A Horse Cake

My girls both have September birthdays and they both LOVED horses, so I decided to make them a horse shaped cake that year. Previously I had always just ordered cakes from the bakery, but this year I wanted to do something special and creative. 

To bake the cake, I just used a regular rectangle shaped cake pan. 

Once the cake was done, I cut the "ear" out of the bottom, which helped form the neck. 

Then, I just cut around the "head" to make it more round instead of square. 

To ice the cake, bought some cake decorating bags, tips, and food coloring from the craft store. 

I took some brown coloring and added it to white cake icing for the majority of the horse. I used a spatula and knife to spread. 

The bridle and main were made using special tips, one to make the bridle look "flat" and like a rope, and the other to make the mane look like hair. 

I used a couple of candy pieces for where the bridle crossed. 

The hardest part for me was actually spreading the icing. The cake itself kept sticking to my knife or spatula, so that took some practice to get it right.

Making this cake was surely an adventure for me as it was my first "homemade" decorated cake, but it was so much fun. 

The best part was that my girls really, really enjoyed it and appreciated me so much for taking the time and effort to making it. All of their friends who were at the party loved it too!

This great looking cake and detailed instructions were kindly sent in by Josie P., from Fort Myers, Florida.

You created a cake that your girls will remember all their lives, Josie! 


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