A Fairy Tale Castle Cake

by Laine
(Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.)

My child inspired the cake (and party theme) for her third birthday party with her keen interest in fairy tales and all things "princess-y." She asked for a princess party, and specifically for a "fairy tale castle cake."

Being unwilling to spend a relatively large amount of money on a special-order cake, and yet desiring to meet my daughter's request, I set about looking for ways to make the cake she had asked for. An additional challenge was that I am not a talented cake decorator. I finally hit upon an idea that delighted her and stayed within the range of my limited cake-decorating ability.

The cake was a simple sheet cake in her favorite flavor (vanilla). I found a small castle statue in a workable size at a nearby gift shop (with a glittery finish and soft, pastel coloration).

I made a simple vanilla frosting, which I then divided and colored using food coloring in the following colors: blue, green, and orange (using very little coloring, so that it was a sandy hue). I applied a crumb layer of the frosting. Then, using the sandy-colored frosting, I created a riverbed (a ribbon of frosting that roughly bi-sected the cake and ran the length of the cake in a meandering way) and a small "castle mound". I then used the blue-colored frosting to create the "river". Rock candies provided river rocks. I then frosted a portion of the cake on each side of the "river" with green-colored frosting to serve as the lawn.

Using waxed paper, I cut out a base for the castle, so that it did not directly touch the frosting, placed that on the cake toward one end, and sat the castle on it. Purchased cake decorating mini-trees provided small "forests" on either side of the "river."

The final touch was a thin dusting of colored sugar that extended the glittery finish of the castle onto the cake body.

She was ecstatic with the cake (and still has the castle!)

I do not have a picture, but have hopefully provided an accurate description.

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