A Birthday Cake

by Lata Lavangare
(India )

A Birthday Cake

A Birthday Cake

Cakes are always in season, and can be enjoyed anytime without any particular reason. But I was having one reason when I made this cake. It was my little sister's birthday and I made a nice fruity cake for her.

Well, the birthday girl was very delighted after seeing her birthday cake. She did not hesitate to eat all the cake instantly. I made this variation for the 3rd time and it had a really nice taste. Although I am not professional chef I will like to share few tips which can be helpful in making nice cakes.

Here are some tips to make a perfect cake:

1. Take all the ingredients and things in front of you.
2. Keep the oven at the perfect temperature.
3. Do not open the oven over and over again.
4. To make a good cake, the crust of the cake has to become brown.

And last, but not least, if you are in a mood to make a cake no matter what happens, you will make a perfect cake.

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