8th Birthday Pirate Cake

by Kara R.
(Tylertown, MS)

Dylan's 8th Birthday Pirate Cake

Dylan's 8th Birthday Pirate Cake

My son was turning 8 and wanted a "pirate" themed party. I decided to have a party complete with costumes, pirate-type games, and a scavenger hunt. I didn't want just a regular cake with a store-bought kit for this birthday bash. So, I got online and started looking at different cakes and ideas. I compiled some of the ideas as well as some of my own and came up with a plan.

I baked a 9x13 cake, an 8x8 cake, and one in a loaf pan. The 9x13 cake was decorated with blue icing for the ocean. I used colored Goldfish crackers as the fish in the "ocean." The loaf cake I trimmed to the shape of a ship and iced with chocolate frosting. I then took some ship accessories (sails, cannon, rails, etc.) from a cheap plastic ship I got at a dollar store, and used them to decorate the cake ship. I used malt balls for cannon balls. I sat it atop the "ocean" cake. The small square cake was used to make an "island." I trimmed the edges to make it rounded, then iced it with white icing and sprinkled graham crumbs all over to give the appearance of sand. I used more of the plastic accessories (treasure chest, small boat, etc.) from the dollar store ship set to decorate.

This cake turned out really great. The pics really don't do it justice. It was a HUGE hit with my son and his party guests! And truth be told, it really was not that difficult to do!

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