8-Bit Mario Cake

by Tova
(Brighton, MA USA)

8-Bit Mario Cake

8-Bit Mario Cake

This cake was for a young man who is a big fan of old-style video games. I have very little artistic talent, so I knew I could not draw him a picture: what I did was go to Google Image, search "8-bit Mario," and printed out a big picture of one of the results. I then used a ruler and pen to make a 16x16 grid over the Mario image. I frosted the cake blue, then added the orange detail for the "bricks" on the bottom, then the green detail for the "hill" on the left.

I then took several different pipettes with star tips, and individually piped every "pixel" until I had a complete Mario. Writing the "Happy Birthday" and the adding the coin was just icing on the cake!

You can't see it in the picture, but I piped an image of a 1Up mushroom onto the front of the cake (vertically).

This is a Cold Stone Creamery cake, and as such, it contains two layers of cake and two of ice cream. However, since the technique I used to decorate it is very easy, any mom with a little patience and a steady hand can recreate this for any child (or child at heart) who loves old-style video games!

Editor's Note: That's a great cake, Tova. Thanks for giving all the details about how you made it. It will be very helpful for others who are thinking about making a special cake for a family member or friend.

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