80th Birthday Cake Ideas

If you are looking for 80th birthday cake ideas, here are some that you may find helpful:

One theme you can go with for an 80th birthday cake is autumn. Since it is sometimes called the autumn of our lives when we reach this milestone, a cake with an autumn theme is pretty and thematic. It should be a chocolate cake--or at least frosted with chocolate icing--to provide a brown "canvas" for the idea. Then, make autumn leaves out of icing with colors of orange, red and yellow. You could use real autumn leaves if it is the season for them and they are fresh and not dry. Or you could use silk leaves from a hobby store. Just be sure to remove the inedible leaves before serving the cake!

Another idea for an 80th birthday cake is to make four small cakes using small 5" pans. Place two of the cakes side by side in the shape of a figure eight and frost it to look like an eight. Then, connect the next two cakes side by side with small carboard strips so that the cakes make a large oval shape. Then frost these cakes to look like a zero. Put the eight and the zero together and you have 80.

By making a 9 X 12 sheet cake, you can take photocopies of the person who is celebrating their 80th birthday and lay them side by side each other as if they were album pages. The first picture can be of them as a child and the second picture can be of them currently. Decorate with icing around the two pictures to enhance the look of making the cake appear to be a photo album open to two pictures of the person.

Finally, if the person celebrating their 80th birthday is someone who likes to play dominoes, you can make the 9 X 12 sheet cake to look like a domino piece. You could make five dots on the lower half, divide it with a line and put three dots on the upper half for the number 8. The number doesn't have to represent the person's age. But a white cake with chocolate dots on it in two halves, as I described above, will clearly look like a domino piece and show the person you are celebrating that you are thinking of them and their enjoyment of the game.

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