7up Cake


The 7up Cake seems to be an all-American creation, dating from around 1966 when the bundt cake pan popularity began with the famous tunnel of fudge cake. 

The fancy looking pan spurred a flurry of cakes made in bundt pans that were usually moist and often did not require a frosting. Most were similar to a pound cake in density and consistency. Bundt cake recipes can of course be baked in any tube pan, but most 7up recipes do specify a bundt pan. Some versions are made as layer cakes as well. 

Interestingly, the 7up Company seems not to have had anything to do with the development of this recipe, but says that some individual came up with it to give a pound cake an extra “tang” of citrus. 

Coca Cola company fans have been known to make it with Sprite instead. 

While I have listed scratch versions, there are versions that use a cake mix, 7-Up, oil and eggs. The made from scratch ones are a little better, but the mix-based ones are also pretty tasty. 

Those who really love lemon may want to find a version that uses a hefty dose of pure lemon extract, or add some lemon peel powder. 

A moist version of pound cake, the 7up cake is fine with no topping or just a dash of confectioner’s sugar, but a lemon glaze or cream cheese icing also works. 

Baked in miniature bundt pans, the 7-Up cake is nice in gift baskets or as a take-home “favor” at Christmas or other holidays. 

This 7up pound cake recipe has seven ingredients and bakes for 60 to 90 at 325F.

This recipe has six ingredients that are baked for 60-75 minutes at 325F. 


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