6th Birthday Cake

"This great 6th birthday cake was sent
in by a contributor from Buffalo!"


6th Birthday Cake

I made this birthday cake for my little daughter for her birthday. She was 6 years old. 

Create A Colorful Flower

It is very easy for you to make it. You can use a very big round plate or tray. You can buy (or bake) one big round cake and more smaller ones (cupcake size) and you can place them like I did, i.e. the big one in the middle and the smaller around it in order to form a flower. 

You can choose different flavors or the same flavor for all the cakes. Since the color is concentrated in the middle, it is probably best to keep the cupcakes rather plain.

Then you can spread chocolate or vanilla cream on the cakes. 

Use M&Ms Or Other Candy Pieces For The Center

Finally, you can buy sweets in different sizes and colors and put them on the cakes making different drawings and decorations. This is a good and cheap solution for young children.

You can do this for any kid birthday by using different color M&Ms to form the number at the center.

We thank Poulcheria, from Buffalo, New York, for providing this simple, but very colorful example of an inexpensive child's birthday cake. 


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