60th Birthday Cake Ideas

60th Birthday Cake

60th Birthday Cake

Are you looking for some 60th birthday cake ideas?

Should the person you are making the 60th birthday cake be a fan of a particular sports team, how about making the cake look like the jersey of the team with the number 60 on the jersey! Using a 9 X 16 pan, cut out the collar of the shirt from the "top" end. Use the cut out piece for the short sleves, by cutting the half circle into two halves. Place each half on the corners of the "top" of the cake. Then ice the cake in the colors of their favorite team.

Is the person you are celebrating a grandparent? You know how they love to pull out those pictures of their grandchildren. You can make a simple round cake and position pictures, photocopied, of their grandchildren all around the perimeter of the cake.

Everyone loves candy. M&Ms, Reeses Pieces, lemon drops or Hershey's kisses are some of the ones that come to mind. Select the favorite candy of the person for whom you are making the 60th birthday cake. Frost the cake in a complimentary color to the candy. Then put 60 pieces of their favorite candy on the cake.

For fun, you can do a play on words with the words "sixty" and "sexy". You can write on the cake of someone turning 60 who may be your spouse or romantic interest that they are still "sexy at sixty". No one turning 60 wants to think they are past the point of being sexy in the eyes of the one who loves them romantically. If that is you, then give them a boost to their self-esteem.

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