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So someone special has hit that biggest of all birthdays...their 40th! Of course there will be all the "over the hill" gags and comments, but here are a few ideas to make a cake to fit the occasion. 

If your special someone loathes the event, has discouraged any talk of a party, or is just depressed about hitting the big 40, then a bit of humor is needed.

40th Birthday Cake

One design in particular that can apply to almost anyone is a "clock" background. It captures the element of time, and you can put whatever pertinent design in the middle such as cars, sports, politics, work, or whatever applies. 

Another design that follows this trend is a "hill" cake. It's actually much easier than it looks. Start with a longer rectangular base. Then build 2 square cakes about half the width of the length of the base. Put one in the middle, and cut the other in half diagonally. That second square cake will become the ramps. Then decorate as desired, and if you can get a model of their first car, that adds a nice touch. 

For the person who just doesn't seem to care about it being their 40th, you can have some morbid humor added in. Use all black and purple icing, and even use some graveyard fixtures as decoration. 

Yet another avenue is to deflect the whole 40th birthday element altogether, or at least minimalize the fact that it's a big deal. Just using 40 candles, or even baking it into the shapes of "4" and "0" is simple and cute. Make sure to use brighter, lighter colors and since you're already going to be cutting the cake into shapes, consider adding a middle layer of your special someone's favorite fruit filling. 

This last idea is more for the ladies and goes with the joke about turning 29 again. Place only 29 candles on a white cake that mentions nothing about the specific age, and is a youthful looking cake. Shapes of a bikini or a beach scene, or some special activity that they no longer do would be great. But allow for some apparatus that contains 11 hidden candles that are exposed perhaps by a flimsy covering like fake grass. That way when they go to blow it out, it uncovers 11 more candles.

Here are some other 40th birthday cake ideas.



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