3D Duck Cake

by Jenna

3D Duck Cake

3D Duck Cake

My friend and I made this 3D duck cake for my son's first birthday. My friend was gracious enough to offer her expertise to really make this cake come to life. We chose a duck theme because "duck" was the one word that my son would consistently say.

The bottom of the cake was created by using a simple 9x13 pan. We iced it to look like the duck was sitting on water surrounded by white bubbles.

The duck was created using a 3D duck cake pan that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. The icing was applied basically the same way that we did the bathtub part of the cake.

The duck's eyes are just blue M&Ms. When it was time to sing happy birthday we just took the duck off the cake for my son's smash cake and served the sheet cake to our guests. It was a huge hit with everyone and definitely was a cake that I will always remember!

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