21st Birthday Cake Ideas


21st Birthday Cake Ideas should reflect on both the event and the person. It is a chance to mark a major turning point in life. Here are some ideas: 

Top the cake with 21 candles: A traditional cake can be topped with 21 candles or two candles in the shape of a 2 and a 1. This leaves plenty of room for your favorite cake and emphasizes the wonderful flavor the birthday celebrant looks forward to all year. Use this opportunity to fill between layers with a favorite flavor like strawberry. Blowing out 21 lit candles is a whole new experience and can be fun to watch. After that, even a 21 year old, realizes they're getting old. This is the simplest of our 21st birthday cake ideas, but it can be the most interesting.

Make the cake in the shape of the numbers 2and 1: It's fun making cakes made in special shapes. Large numerals made of cake really say it. Years later, it will be easy to tell what birthday that was in the photos. Since there will be a great deal of the cake cut away to make the numbers, use a full sheet pan or two half sheet pans. Have plenty of frosting ready as the cut sides of the numerals will gobble up lots of frosting.

Make the cake in the shape of wine bottles or a beer mug: 21 is the legal age for drinking. We don't promote drinking, but a cake in the shape of a wine bottle or beer mug can be fun. The shape may have to be oversized to have enough to serve party guests. The label on the wine bottle provides an opportunity for some humor. You can use the year of birth as the vintage and a play on the birthday celebrant's name as the name for the wine. Some wine glasses with ribbons can be set nearby to share a toast. Serve sparkling cider to those under 21 at the party.   

Make the cake in the shape of a car. Driving is another big transition at 21. A cake in the shape of a favorite car is a great way to celebrate. Make the cake with at least two layers. One for the body of the car and a smaller layer for the passenger compartment. Tires are easy if you use dark chocolate cookies frosted and pressed on the side of the car (cake) body. Silver or black are very difficult frosting colors for the car body. Use wild colors like hot pink or lime green for the car body frosting and have fun. Glass can be indicated with light blue frosting and a few white highlights to indicate reflections. Very little detail is needed to make it look like a car once you have the basic shape and wheels. Soon your 21 year old will be driving away with a tasty piece of cake. 

We hope that these 21st birthday cake ideas will help make his or her big day a lot of fun for all!



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