2 Layer Chocolate/Traditional Wedding Cake

by Lucas E.
(Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

2 Layer Chocolate/Traditional Wedding Cake

2 Layer Chocolate/Traditional Wedding Cake

We wanted a traditional looking wedding cake, but my wife doesn't like the traditional fruit cakes that are standard form.

We had the bottom layer made out of chocolate mud cake and the top (keeping) layer made from the traditional fruit cake.

It was all iced together as normal and made to look very nice.

We had an additional plain fruit cake made for the older guests at the wedding who were "shocked" (as expected) at the serving of a chocolate wedding cake. Between the bottom layer and the additional fruit cake, we served about 80 people with HEAPS left over.

The bottom layer of the cake was about 35cm diameter and the top layer was a bit smaller... maybe about 25cm.

The cake was made by a family member and was given to us as a gift for the wedding.

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