1st Birthday Cake


What's right for your baby's 1st Birthday Cake?

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  

Are you looking for a special pan or other decoration for this occasion?

Try eBay.  Just about anything you could want is available. Not only can you get whatever you need, but you will also on gas expenses and time since it will be delivered to your doorstep.  

The eBay search below shows all the items available right now. It also updates as each auction expires, so you will always see the current auctions.

A cake in the shape of the Number 1 is a popular choice.  This one has the little boy's name, Matthew, spelled out in balloons and little colored animals on it.  It is one of the most attractive pictures we could find.  Here is a simpler one with white and yellow coloring.     

This two-layer 7x11 sheet cake is chocolate with butter cream icing.  It is decorated with butterflies and flowers that are made of icing.  It is one of the nicest ones we have seen.  

This one can be made for a boy or a girl.  The one for a girl contains butterflies and flowers, while the boy's version is decorated with bears and spaceships.

Here is a pretty flower and butterfly version in green.

This elaborate three-tier version has assorted flavors.  The bottom is a white cake that's filled with strawberry buttercream filling.  Perched on top is chocolate with Oreos and cream filling.  The top tier was almond with raspberry.  It looks great and probably tasted great as well!      

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