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1st Birthday CakeA first birthday should be a memorable one, for the parents if not the child. A great birthday cake celebrating a first birthday will have lasting memories and will provide a child with a glimpse at his or her first birthday party. 

Here are a few great ideas for a first birthday cake that will be sure to please partygoers and the proud parents as well as the birthday child: 

Number 1 for a Boy  Would be ideal for the parents of a baby boy. Light blue icing on a cake in the shape of a number 1. Accents of yellow, red and blue balloons and white piping would make this a very memorable cake. It is sure to be a hit at a one-year-old's first party! 

Bright Building Blocks!  This is cake definitely one that will get attention. Vivid colors and a multi layer cake are featured. The decor on the cake includes a piping of various colors that really make this cake a stand out. This cake will feed many party goers as it is completely edible and with the multi layers there will be enough to save a piece for a 2nd birthday! 

Butterflies and Flowers  This is the perfect cake for a girl about to have her first birthday. Features include a 3-panel section of the cake, one with a butterfly, one with a pretty flower and a separate section for personalization. Bright colors again will be eye catching and will make any girl's party a hit.

Cupcake Birthday CakeCupcakes!  A great idea for a 1st birthday is cupcakes. They are small enough for a 1 year old to handle and great for individual servings at a party. Cupcakes are easy to arrange and decorate in a variety of patterns as pictured and make for a stunning centerpiece of a party table. And kids enjoy them! 

So, as we have found, there are many different ideas for a 1st birthday cake for either a boy or girl and each cake has its own flair and decor. Pick one that reflects your child's personality and that will create a moment for the child that will last forever. No idea is too big or too small as long as it is done with love. The choice is up to you so choose wisely as each person only gets one 1st birthday party and the cake is a big part of the celebration. 

We hope that you have found these 1st birthday cake ideas helpful. Here are some more that you might like. 



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