1st Birthday Cake For My Son

by Jordan
(Tampa, FL)

1st Birthday Cake For My Son

1st Birthday Cake For My Son

This was a birthday cake that we made for our sons's first birthday. His name is Sheldon. I (dad) decided to make the cake to prove to my wife that I can cook.

I took a simple cake recipe and baked it. The first one burned, but the second one turned out well. My advice is to not follow all directions to the "T." Sometimes you have to use some of your own techniques. Make sure to watch it carefully (or else it will burn, like mine).

The icing was simple for me to do. My son was playing with his favorite stuffed animal that has stars all over it. So, I decided to put stars on the cake. I took some dough and used a star cut out. I then used food coloring to make the different colors. The streamers I just rolled up like a roll. The cupcakes are self explanatory.

Sheldon got a big smile when he saw his cake. He then dunked his hands into it and put it all over his head. The best part about making the cake was my wife's suprise that I could bake it! For the guys out there, whether you succeed or fail, you wife will be happy!

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