1st Birthday Cake For Ava

by Kathleen W.
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

1st Birthday Cake For Ava

1st Birthday Cake For Ava

I made this cake for my daughter's first birthday. I wanted to do something really nice for her first birthday even though she probably won't remember it. But that's why we have photos, right?

It has a fontant covering and all the flowers and vines and leaves are fondant. The calla lillies and vines were hand shaped and the leaves and other flowers were cut outs.

Since no one would be eating the fondant I had my friend help me "color" everything to make it more realistic. Literally, we drew on the fondant. We found through a trial and error process that pastels and color pencils achieved the best result.

The fondant covering provided the majority of the frustration, as we were having trouble smoothing it down the sides of the layers. I did crumb coat the cake but it ended up making things a little more difficult. Starting the fondant flowers, leaves and vines ahead of time and allowing for breakage will prevent a lot of stress and enable you focus more time on other things when it becomes time to assemble everything.

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