16th Birthday Cake With Candles

by Jodi

16th Birthday Cake With Candles

16th Birthday Cake With Candles

When my children were growing up, I was not able to give them many material things, so I made it a tradition in my family to give them a dinner of their choice and a birthday cake, also, of their choice.

They would choose ravioli, pancakes, pot pie, and spaghetti for one meal. I made them narrow it down though, but the cake was always either a chocolate, a vanilla, an angel food, or a sponge cake.

On my daughter's sixteenth birthday, I made her a home-made chocolate,layer cake with butter cream icing. The icings pink roses melted a little. I did not have time to put it in the refrigerator, but the cake was delicious, though.

This tradition continues with friends they bring to our home. My daughter recently brought home her boyfriend for a surprise party. She told me his favorite meal and his favorite cake, which was carrot-cake. There was not any left to take back home with him.

Making their special dinner and their favorite cake is my gift to them. A gift of memories that is cherished and enjoyed.

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