16th Birthday Cake Ideas

Here are some 16th Birthday Cake Ideas:

Perhaps your 16 year old is getting his or her first cell phone, ipod or computer for their birthday. You can make the cake look like one of these cool devices by using those candy letters as keys for the key pad and a smooth piece of clear plastic placed on top of the icing for the screen. They will get the hint and be excited about getting their present.

In some states 16 is the age that kids get their learner's permit to drive. You can celebrate that with their cake by making it into the shape of a car. Just put two layers of a 9 X 16 cake on top of each other and "sculpt the rectangle into a car. With icing, draw the windows, doors and tires.

Of course, there is the always familiar phrase "sweet sixteen." If this describes the sixteen year old whose birthday it is, make their cake extra sweet with marshmallows or their favorite candy on the icing. Each marshmallow or snack size candy bar can be the candle holder for each of the sixteen candles.

At sixteen, some young adults want to be grown up. Perhaps the themed birthday cake has been used for all of their childhood cakes: Sponge Bob, Shriek or Disney's Princesses. Now would be the time to ask them what kind of cake they want. Present them with "grown up" ideas like a cheesecake, strawberry short cake, German chocolate cake and other sophistocated cakes that are not just white cake and colored icing.

They will appreciate that you asked them for their input and they might surprise you and say they still want a theme cake like Spiderman. Just be glad if they still request a theme cake. They grow up so fast!

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