10 Individual Wedding Cakes

by Sonya
(Concord, NH)

Our wedding was a very thrifty affair. Everything was done in the most cost effective method possible. My now husband burned 5 CD's of music, put them in the five disc CD changer, and we saved a ton of money by not having a DJ. I had a party before the wedding to make the party favors of chocholate kisses wrapped in tulle.

My mother had won a purple ribbon in the county fair for her chocolate cake and it is the only cake I ever want for my birthday. I will say that it has brewed strong coffee and buttermilk in it, but I can't tell you the rest since it is a "Family Secret." If you use real eggs, real milk, and real butter, which isn't a secret, any cake is tasty.

I had to ask my mom to make cakes for our wedding. I had been to a few weddings before our wedding and the cake was always a disappointment. The cake always tasted like cardboard and the frosting like something not natural.

Of course, we were having 100+ people so that meant 10 or so cakes. And, seeing how she was the mother of the bride, my mother was a bit discombobulated that week. It also didn't help that she only made one cake the night before.

The next morning, after all of the bridesmaids and I had gotten back from the beauty parlor, we helped my mom make the 9 remaining cakes big hair and all. Of course, no hair fell in the cakes, there was way too much hair spray and bobby pins to allow that.

Our "wedding cake" was a "table of cakes." No one complained. In fact, most people loved it. Who doesn't want chocolate cake? I do wish I had a picture, but we hired a cheap photographer who left after the ceremony.

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