1 Cake Pan


Looking for a 1 cake pan?

Make a cake for your son or daughter's first birthday that he or she will be able to remember (in pictures) for a lifetime. 

The eBay auctions below usually have some with the number one, as well as a darling little Winnie the Pooh cake pan with Winnie holding the number one.  We have sometimes seen a Wilton pan in the shape of the number one with a mini pan in that shape as well.

You should consider using eBay because it can save time (as well as gas money).

We have seen some pans in this shape with Buy It Now for under $8.

Good luck in your bidding (registration is free for new eBay users).

Check for savings on any other item you want by typing it into the eBay search box shown above. 

Google Shopping has this pan from around $9.99 and up at a variety of online stores.  Many people still prefer to use eBay for small items like this because they can locate the item, check the seller's feedback, bid through Buy It Now, and be finished in a couple of minutes.       

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